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Show at 7:00 PM 
Doors open and dinner service begins at 6:15 PM

Songs in the Key of Gee?  What does it mean?  What kind of music are we talking about?


Well... it's good music, for one thing.  It's kind of a cross between a concert and a musical variety show.  Please forgive our lack of specificity, but the fact is there is virtually no common thread - other than all the music was selected by our super-talented (but desperately random) keyboard player, Bob Magier.

Bob has selected an engaging collection of ditties featuring performances of many kinds: from up-tempo, swing -style tunes, to haunting  ballads;  pop rock to traditional folk, and most everything in between.  You are likely to hear at least one song you've never heard before!

Your ticket also includes a scrumptious dinner served at your table.  (includes beverage and dessert!)  All this for only $25 per person.

Click on the button below and get your tickets today to secure your seats for a great time! 

Each year, at Park Meadows, we present two different kinds of "theater" events for the purpose of raising funds for mission experiences and opportunities for our youth.  This is is our first such program this calendar year.  Your ticket purchase goes to fund these important endeavors and we very much appreciate your partnership in our outreach and ministry efforts.


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