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Mon & Wed


10:00 am - Low Impact Exercise

Cheryl Langley leads an exercise class for any and all adults who are interested in becoming a little more fit by just moving around a bit.  And if you ever spent any time with Cheryl, you know that moving around is what she does most.  Class is held at the church (no childcare).  Bring water and light weights.

What's Going On...

2nd Saturday Monthly


8:00 AM - Men's Breakfast


It's just guys having the kind of breakfast we'd have if there weren't any women around to insist on melon and strawberries and bran muffins.  And there isn't!  You can count on eggs, sausage, hash browns, biscuits, and gravy.  Sometimes other special treats.  Bring a couple of bucks to throw in the kitty and get ready for man talk (not to be confused with "locker-room talk").

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