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We're more than just a Sunday morning gathering.  We have other opportunities available (if you're interested) to assist you in your participation and service. 

L.I.F.E. Groups (Sunday School)


There's something for everyone with classes scheduled both before and after our Sunday Celebrations.  Though each has its own flavor (because there's a different leader for each), all are centered on the message of Christ's grace and how God has demonstrated it over and over both in Scripture and in our daily lives

Wednesday Night Supper


There is plenty going on at Park Meadows on Wendesday evenings - from children's choirs to youth gatherings to adult Bible studies and because we know every family is busy, a meal is available at a good price just to help families ease the stress of the day.  The menu varies every week and reservations are suggested.  CLICK HERE FOR NEXT MENU

Men's/Women's Minstries


We have men.  We have women.  Sometimes each group wants to do things that don't appeal to the other.  Taadaa!  Whether they are helping to provide something for a person who needs it, or just getting together to enjoy the company of other brothers or sisters in Christ, these two groups meet needs wherever they find them. 

Preschool and Children

We encourage you to spend some time checking out the different ministries that Park Meadows offers to children from birth through 5th grade. Our greatest desire is to teach your children the love of Christ and to help them become fully devoted followers. Here at Park Meadows, we teach your children Biblical truths in a unique and exciting way, using skits, music, crafts, and games. We believe the number one responsibility of a Christian parent is to help their child grow into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to partner with you in this responsibility! Please let us know how we can help!



A vibrant and growing group of young people has specific needs that require the attention of dynamic and solidly grace-focused adults.  Park Meadows Youth are teens who get that kind of attention.  It's a place to find peace, acceptance, and refuge from the chaotic lives they experience every day.



For many members of Park Meadows, the music is what first caught their attention.  While some of it is familiar, much of is based on the merging of Scriptural truth with unexpected (yet also familiar) melodies and music styles.  The song service is never used as an emotional whip or manipulation tool, but rather as an expression of grace in which the lyrics are considered far more important than the tune.

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