3350 Hwy 77 N, Waxahachie, TX


Cheer for the HERO!  Hiss at the VILLAIN!  Sigh for SWEET YOUNG LADY SHERIFF!  Laugh out loud at the antics of the ZANY SIDEKICKS!  There are very few entertainment forms that have more fun per minute than a good melodrama.  Vile Villainy in Vulture Gulch is a story set in the old west (circa 1890) and features multiple villains, mistaken identities, not so helpless damsels in distress... in short, everything needed to make it big-time fun.

Your ticket also includes a scrumptious dessert served at your table.  (No dinner - just dessert!)

Two nights only - Nov 15-16, 2019.  So, click on the button below and get your tickets today to secure your seats for a great time! 

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Each year, at Park Meadows, we present two different kinds of "theater" events for the purpose of raising funds for mission experiences and opportunities for our youth.  VILE VILLAINY IN VULTURE GULCH is our second such program this calendar year.  Your ticket purchase goes to fund these important endeavors and we very much appreciate your partnership in our ministry efforts.